our approach

ARCHIMATRIX listens, asks questions, thinks hard, and finally proposes a creative solution to every architectural design.  We believe that architecture should be diverse and innovative, but with the understanding of the local context as the basis of design.  It must not be a mere exercise in drawing, but rather a real, built experience that comes to life as people explore and inhabit a building.


Our extensive analysis of local building typologies has provided us insights into our local way of lives as well as local building technologies.  We are determined to improve, and to translate these findings innovatively to a modern context.  We are tropical, but contemporary. We are sustainable, but pragmatic.  We are creative, but realistic.  We build, and we excel.


ARCHIMATRIX   is proud of our track record of returning clients, as well as new clients from complimentary recommendations.  Our buildings are truly a collective effort with the architect acting as a central figure inspiring and guiding the different players at each stage of the process.