about us

A creative force to be reckon with


ARCHIMATRIX is a Kuala Lumpur based architectural practice led by  2 directors : Ar. Jasper Mah and Ar. Francis Chew.  From our studio  base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we work all around the country and are beginning to work internationally  developing new projects in South East Asia and beyond.


ARCHIMATRIX was established as a partnership  in 2000, and was subsequently incorporated in 2008.  We have grown from a modest team of 4 to a strong team of over 30.  ARCHIMATRIX has never limited its architecture to a particular style, type or scale of work. Our determinedly broad experience of building has given us the skills, knowledge and drive to manage many complex developments.


Having witnessed the cycles of the property market and kept keenly abreast with market positions, our design philosophy and methodology are honed to optimize time, space and resources.  In doing so, we thrive to achieve complete satisfaction to our clients and end users.